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Wed, May. 5th, 2004, 10:14 am

life at the new job isn't so bad. I've been working a lot lately which is fine because that means I'm making the big bucks.

He came over to my work and we ate at Yello Sub. Being with him and the food were both delish. After work he came over. We picked up a few things I need to buy. I had some money because Rae Rae gave me some of the money she owed me. So I let him use some of the money because he's a broke....and I'm a nice girlfriend who just wants him to be happy. I would do anything for him. When we're in public kissing and cuddling and junk, he always comments on how gross we must look to other people. We hold hands when we eat. It's pathetic in the best way.

School is almost over. My motovation to continue going to my classes doesn't exist. I need to take a make up quiz and study but I'm just burnt out and need the summer to come.

I have no real complaints. My monroe is basically healed, so he and I washed our hands and cleaned the smaller metal piece and put it in last night.I'm keeping the big back on it for now until it's completely healed because that's what was making it swollen and gross the last time. I wish I had more money for more tattoos.