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Thu, May. 20th, 2004, 08:36 pm
in the crash of new york city

Went to the dog park with my boy. After we ate Quizno's. the food there is sex. Gave my dog a bath and now I'm waiting for band practice to be over. It seems like as soon as he comes, he goes. They're going to be out of town for a long time in the begining of June. It just sucks that he doens't have a phone or a dependable ride. So he just has to go with the flow. It's not his fault that he's in a band that people like and they want to travel. I'm happy for him. I'd never ask him to quit. It just sucks that he has to go away. I know he loves it and it makes him happy. Anything that makes his life better, makes mine. Aww that's gushy.

I start my second job tomorrow. I think I'll like it better than Target.Not that Target is bad. I just work long hours. I work allll day Saturday or Sunday. The money won't be bad.

I got into a fight with Kristie today. Which is strange it's usually Ali I fight with. Ali and I are getting along really well. Which is good for me, because we were friends before I moved in and it was important to me that we stay friends. Kristie's mad because I took my things home. Well, I don't live there and I can't live my life for her. She said I took them at an inconvienant time. Well, maybe it's bad for her but this was a great time for me. Since they're my things and it's my life, and a good time for me, I had to. It's dumb to ask someone to leave something after they move out because it helps you. It's selfish of her to want to use all of my stuff and never consider using her own. She has her own lap top. I had to buy a modem when I moved out. It was expensive but I had to do it. She was complaining about having to take the TV out of her room and share her stuff. I asked why it was ok to share my stuff but not hers. She couldn't come up with a good answer. I told her she was being unreasonable and irrational. She just cussed and yelled. Very mature. I, was very proud of myself, and didn't curse or yell at her. Not even a threat to beat her up. Not really my nature. I'm doing a lot better at starting conversations and not being shy. For some reason, certain people intimidate me. It's lame but I'm gettin gmuch more comfortable.

I am officially living back in Topeka. If you have the digits, you should call me. If you don't you can IM me at xifeellame or xmediumxcorex

hit it up bia.